a(nother) country project

2014 – ongoing


There was and still is a long discussion in Romania about the lack of a coherent vision united in a country project. In 2014, together with my lover, we decided to play entirely in our own scenario by making a country project, but one for another country, for an invented country of our own. It`s name is CARAMBACH and it can be described as

a contemporary art (mainly performative) ecolaboratory,
an intermingle state of life and art,
a contemplative viewpoint over the nature`s rhythms, relations, structures, movements and complex simplicity (as unavoidable masters of any human creation).
an experiment of freedom and independent living / thinking / working in this precarious & fund-cutting times for arts, culture and human research and sciences.
a temporary residence for artists, writers, independent researchers, philosophers and other endangered human species. It is also a tempora
ry home for people of uncompromising nature for whom freedom and critical social thinking are the major driving force and ingredients of their life and work. 

Adriana & Felician 

Both studied philosophy, both are cultural managers and in love from almost 20 years, he is a writer and she is a performing arts professional and post-conceptual artist.  

Luna & Charlie

Conflict resolution specialists, body-mind centering geniuses, experts in acrobatics and embodied imagination and, of course,  best performers Carambach have seen till now.